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Exchange Student Tips: Prom

I’m about to talk about a big event for American teenagers... PROM! If you have heard of it from the movies, well, it’s very similar in real life. Prom is a school dance where students dress up and (sometimes) name a prom king and queen.
Lunar New Year 101

Lunar New Year 101

One way our host families can make students feel more welcome in the U.S. is to acknowledge and celebrate cultural traditions from the student's home country, and there's a big opportunity starting tonight and tomorrow (Feb. 5)!
Student advice

Infographic: New Student Advice

Scared to study abroad? Here are some words of advice from former students to ease your mind.
Help! I Have Jet Lag!

Help! I Have Jet Lag!

You have just traveled thousands of miles and over several times zones. Now it is time to adjust to your regular schedule. Here are some tips to help with this transition:
Advisor's Angle

Advisor's Angle: Signs Of Reverse Culture Shock

You’re getting ready to return to your home country; your bags packed, bedroom cleaned, and your mind is full of interesting things to share with friends and family back home. You are almost there!
Emotion faces

Exchange Student Tips: Feelings Before Departure

I was very nervous and excited. It is a unique experience. No right words could explain the whole thing and make a perfect idea of it. I can only write about my personal experience, and it will never be the same as yours. This is why I suggest you to live it.
Holiday Homesickness

Infographic: Holiday Homesickness

It's almost inevitable you will experience a bit of homesickness around winter holidays, as they evoke fond memories of family and annual traditions. Here are some tips to get over homesickness during this period.

Throwback Thursday: DC/NYC Trip

In recognition of Throwback Thursday and the start of the AYP bus trip to DC/NYC on Saturday (be sure to follow along with us on Instagram!), we wanted to share all the great memories of last year!
Exchange Student Tips: Making Friends

Exchange Student Tips: Making Friends

Making friends for an exchange student can be hard, but with the right advice, it can get easier. The first day you go to school, most American teenagers are going to be curious and say “Hi!” or smile to you. To make sure that a simple hello turns into a true friendship, you should put in a little effort.
Video Contest

NOD Video Contest Time!

The Nacel Open Door Video Contest is officially underway! Send us a one-minute video (or shorter) letting us know your first impressions, and you could win an Amazon gift card!
Sara from Italy

Holidays Explained: Halloween

While many countries celebrate some version of Halloween (it started in Ireland), it is a huge holiday in America, especially for young people.
advisors angle

Advisor's Angle: Describing Emotions in English Part 2

Learning a second (or third, fourth, fifth) language is an exciting prospect. Nacel Open Door participants arrive to the USA ready to study and interact in English.