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In its commitment to international understanding and language education, Nacel Open Door, Inc. seeks people to serve in various capacities, administering, representing, and assisting with its many programs. From employees in the national office in Minnesota or in classrooms teaching overseas, to local representatives and coordinators who work as independent contractors, NOD offers a variety of career opportunities for people to be directly involved in the world of student exchange.

Open Positions

Nacel International is a world-wide federation of organizations, companies and representatives working together to deliver culturally-immersive education around the globe. Nacel Open Door (NOD) offers academic programs in both public and private schools, as well as short-term educational programs. The organization has further diversified by introducing international school programs in the United States, Asia, and Europe through the Nacel International School System. Language acquisition, experiential learning, global exploration, formal college preparatory education and advanced online learning have become the hallmarks of Nacel.


AYP Student Exchange Local Representative

 If you're looking for a rewarding, paid service opportunity with the ability to travel and work from home, then become a local rep with Nacel Open Door (NOD). As a local rep, your job is to find qualified host families in your hometown and surrounding area and help them choose a student whose interests best fit with theirs. Local reps are outgoing, persistent individuals who require the networking skills and contacts to successfully recruit new host families. For someone looking for a passion project with commission, this is a highly rewarding enterprise.

STEM Teacher, St. Paul Preparatory School

To plan, organize and implement Technology and Engineering courses, which will initially include Robotics and Game Art Design, as well as to plan, organize and implement at least one STEM-related club as an extracurricular activity. Courses will be implemented in accordance with the high school curriculum as established by Nacel International School System and Engineering by Design, and will be within a diverse student learning environment that guides and encourages students to develop and fulfill their academic potential.